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Компания «Касьяненко и сын» является управляющей кампанией для ряда контент-проектов и бизнесов в сфере digital, media и PR.



VD is a net of the city news for the southern and western biggest cities of Ukraine: Odessa, Kiev, Crimea, Zaporozhye, Dniepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv

Pilot Project


  • - infotainment portal
  • - the format: city-news, entertainment
  • - additional thematic services: show bill, sport, entertainment, auto&moto, gas stations and currency exchange, women stuff, photo, video,horoscope, games, contests, weather
  • - we are five years old
  • - market volume: site audience is 12-15000 of visitors per day (15000 hosts, 40-50000 hits)

Market Problem

  • - Quality unbiased content deficit – the existing regional resources are under the influence of the political groups
  • - Quality inventory deficit that can be provided affordable via regional area
  • - Lack of local resources knowledge and flexibility (cost level incomprehension, CPM and per click principle working is not available here, service providing as booking, Gemius counter as well as AdMixer and AdRiver codes work is not available etc.)

Our Solution

  • - Unbiased net multiregional resource
  • - The magnitude of opportunities (presence of the affordable resources net in the regional centers), is a very attractive for the advertising leaders mediaplans.
  • - Centralized sales of advertising via the sales-house in Kiev and the local advertisers sales via regional offices are occured at the same time


  • - Ukrainian Internet audience comes to 11,2 billions users in December 2010 (real user, 14 y.o. +).
  • - According to InMind statistics 36,5% of Ukrainian habitants (12,9 billions) use Internet at liest once per month.

Audience by regions

Views by regions


  • 1. Pilot period (2 monthes):
  • - first regional office opening
  • - recruitment
  • - entry into the market and the audience conquest
  • - central office in Kiev opening (advertising director and manager recruitment)
  • 2. First step (4 monthes)
  • - project launch in 2 regions
  • - recruitment
  • - entry into the market, promo, audience conquest
  • 3. Second step (4 monthes)
  • - project launch in the next 3 regions
  • - special programs for local advertisers
  • - the following services implementation and localization: sport, entertainment, gas stations¤cy exchange etc..
  • - resource promotion
  • - recruitment + 1 advertising manager and +1 jounalist for the central office in Kiev
  • 4. Third step (4 monthes)
  • - business results analysis for seven regions (6+1)
  • - partner programs and advertisers working growth
  • - costs optimisation

Business Model

  • - intense project audience increase due to the natural growth of the Internet users in the regions next 2-3 years;
  • - LTV > CAC (lifetime value exceeds customer aquisation cost)
  • - central media banner and contextual advertising sales as well as partner programs will assure the customer monetization
  • - advertising sales combined scheme – indirect sales to the buing agencies via sales-house plus direct sales to the local advertisers via own sales department


  • - banners on te local sites-partners
  • - support of the city events by the resource as an information sponsor
  • - contests with prizes (the prize fund is formed with the production of local sponsors who receive after the unsold banner position)
  • - SMM (traffic aggregation comes to 20%)
  • - forum posting
  • - SEO
  • - promotions and special projects
  • - partisan marketing


  • - vgorode.ua (Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov, Dniepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Lugansk, Crimea)
    02:00 pm: in average general traffic comes to 12400 hosts and 28505 hits while the Dozor at the same time only in Kharkov has 8300 hosts ans 20800 hits. *

  • - City sites net with 15 cities (Donetsk: 62.ua, Odessa: 048.ua, Zaporozhye: 061.ua, Lugansk: 0642.com.ua, Simferopol: 0652.in.ua, Kharkov: 057.ua, Mariupol: 0629.com.ua, Gorlovka: 06242.com.ua, Nikolaev: 0512.com.ua, Krivoy Rog: 0564.in.ua, Yalta: 0654.com.ua, Zhitomir: 0412.in.ua, Berdyansk: 06153.com.ua, Ternopil: 0352.com.ua, Vinnitsa: 0432.in.ua).
    02:00 pm: in аverage traffic comes to 4000 hosts and 12500 hits in one city. Advantages: they posseess the information guide if the facilities, companies, shopping of more than 15000 pcs in each big city. Default: they do not have any news content at all – only the catalogs.

  • - Ura-inform (Kiev, Donbass, Crimea, Yalta)
    02:00 pm: their traffic comes to 17.000 hosts and 47.500 hits for all net where: Kiev gives 14.300 hosts and 36000 hits, Donbass has 1.500 hosts and 3.000 hits, Crimea has 800 hosts ans 1.200 hits, Yalta ≈ 400 hosts and 600 hits

  • - Unian (Submitted: Ukraine, Crimea, Kharkiv, Lviv)
    At 14:00 they had 56.000 hosts and 229,500 hits on the entire network)

  • - Most. Info (Kharkov, Odessa, Dniepropetrovsk)
    02:00 pm: their traffic comes to 1100 hosts and 2800 hits in one city)
  • - Gorod.kiev.ua /gorod.dp.ua / gorod.dz.ua
    06:00 pm: their traffic comes to 2.100 hosts and 7.700 hits in Kiev, 43.030 hosts and 722.030 hits in Dniepropetrovsk+Dnieprodzerjinsk. This is the site-catalog of Dniepropetrovsk

  • - Gorod.ua (Ukraine, Crimea + the some cities in each of the following regions: Vinnitsa, Volyn, Dniepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zhitomir, Zakarpatiya, Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankovsk, Kiev, Kirovograd, Lugansk, Lvov, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, Rivne, Summy, Ternopol, Kharkov, Kherson, Hmelnitsky, Tcherkassy, Tchernigov, Tchernovtsy)
    06:00 pm: in average their traffic comes to 5.500 hosts in one region.

Project creator and light
Rostyslav Kasyanenko

Expert council and jury member of the “Press Awards”, “Promo Apelsin”, “Silver Mercury”, “Golden PROpeller” advertising festivals, Golden Drum (Slovenia) New Europe countries advertising festival ambassador in Ukraine in 2001-02.

Managing partner of the “Kasyanenko and Son” companies group. The publisher of the magazines Outdoor Ukraine, PR-Digest, BTL-Report, AdReport, b2b video-portal “Rost’s windows”.

Editor in Chief of the Internet Group “DOZORs”, producer of the International Internet Awards PROpeller Digital, chairman of the organising committee of the YALTA Digital Forum-2011.

All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition member from 2001.